Free Spider web development

package for Free Pascal/Lazarus

Free Spider is an object oriented web development package for Free Pascal / Lazarus. It is similar to Delphi's web broker /WebSnap technology.


  1. TSpiderCGI : Is used for CGI application

  2. TSpiderApache : Is used for Apache Module application

  3. TSpiderAction: Is used to receive requests and reply to different Paths

  4. TSpiderPage: Is used with external HTML templates and to link it to active contents

  5. TSpiderForm: It generates HTML form using OOP methods like SpiderForm1.AddInput(itText,, etc

  6. TSpiderTable: Is used to generate HTML table from dataset or manually using OOP method like: SpiderTable1.AddRow('Yellow', ['One', 'Two', Three']);


Trunk version (GitHub)

Download Free Spider package 1.3.2 (Adding HTML Tags like Response.NewLine, Response.AddParagraph, etc. Renaming TSpiderPage's TagStopt to TagStop. Renaming of this property will produce error message when you open your old application that contains TSpiderPage, you will get this error :message Error reading SpiderPage1.TagStopt: Unknown. Press continue loading button to resume and save the project) (29.August.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.3.1 (Adding Thread Pooling feature for Apache Module) (27.July.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.3.0 (Adding Apache Module option for FreeSpider) Check the performance page to see the difference (14.July.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.2.9 (compatibility with Lazarus 1.1, Internal design changes) (3.July.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.2.8 (minor changes in TSpiderTable) (22.June.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.2.7 (Adding SendRedirect method in Response object) (17.June.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.2.6 (Minor changes) (28.May.2012)

Download Free Spider package 1.2.5 (IIS upload files bug fix by Stefan Hille) (9.Feb.2012)

User Manuals

Downloaded Free Spider User's manual (English)

Download Free Spider User's Manual (Arabic)

Sample Web Applications

SpiderSample copy page.htm into /cgi-bin directory

News Simple news adding/browsing using FireBird database

Linux Window Display information about linux host


Author: Motaz Abdel Azeem

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